Mind CHWF Singing Group

Are you a resident of City, Hackney, or Waltham Forest struggling with your mental health?

Would you like to join a fun, uplifting singing group with other local residents who may be facing mental health challenges?

Click here to self-refer into the group.

About the group

Mind in the City, Hackney and Waltham Forest is part of the Mind network and is a local mental health charity dedicated to making sure no one has to face a mental health problem alone. They work in the London boroughs of City, Hackney, and Waltham Forest and provide extensive services for local residents.

The Singing Group was started by Bethany in February 2021 as an opportunity to provide Mind CHWF service users with a chance to sing and bond with others who both enjoy singing and know what it’s like to struggle with mental health difficulties. The group is for all levels and abilities and meets for an hour and a half every week to sing songs, learn new techniques, and have fun. It is a safe space where participants are free to be themselves and let their voice be heard!

“The singing group orchestrated by Bethany is helping me to rebuild confidence in myself whilst recovering from mental illness. Singing in group session in particular is empowering me to overcoming anxiety issues when interacting with others. The kind and non-judgmental approach of the Host has made this experience a pleasant one.”

Mind CHWF Singing Group member

“I am in three Zoom choirs in Hackney and I feel that this choir with Bethany was the most well-organised and professionally run one; we were sent emails in advance of session with the songs to download and practice before the session; there was a lot of advanced preparation; I thought Bethany was an outstanding teacher and this was the only choir I have been involved in where I felt comfortable enough and supported enough to sing; the course was very diverse; we had break-out sessions where we worked in pairs and that was the first time that I sang in a group. I really enjoyed the diversity of the genre songs that we sang and there was a really wide range. I think Bethany is a very exceptional and talented teacher and I liked that she shared with the group her personal mental health struggles. I think this is a really unusual and innovative course. I have been trying to find a choir in Hackney since I moved here in January 2015, so it was amazing that I was able to find a group like this that was a safe space to sing and I feel it has really improved my mental health attending this group and when I am struggling with anxiety or have a low mood, I think and start singing some of the songs like “Do you hear the people sing.” It has been really helpful in providing with a survival and support mechanism during lockdown.”

Mind CHWF Singing Group member

Interested in joining?

Click here to self-refer, or contact Bethany at the following:

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